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Woocommerce customer email issue : order Notes not showing up

Jan 12 2017

That’s the theory…recently we had an issue that our customers receive Order Note emails without notes implemented. Actually, instead of notes there were shown just two words: “lorem ipsum”? A…

Woocommerce Cart Icon With Count

Dec 13 2016

Use this snippet to add a WooCommerce cart icon with the cart count to your theme. The number of items will be updated automatically with AJAX as items are added…

WooCommerce snippets in custom theme development

Oct 03 2016

WooCommerce snippets in custom theme development Here is the list of woocommerce snippets that you may find useful during WordPress theme development:  

Woocommerce – Featured Image URL and Gallery images

Nov 28 2014

Get Woocommerce Gallery Images :                     <?php  global $product;                          $attachment_ids = $product->get_gallery_attachment_ids();                         foreach(…

WooCommerce enable Reviews for all products

Feb 03 2014

With WooCommerce, there is an option to enable/disable reviews for each product. Unfortunately, the checkbox doesn’t come checked by default.  This box being checked depends on whether or not you…