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Blurry images when scaling down with css

Jan 15 2017

Rastered images when scaled in either direction are going to have some anomalies. When you make them bigger, it’s obvious – things get pixelated quickly. When you shrink them down,…

Woocommerce customer email issue : order Notes not showing up

Jan 12 2017

That’s the theory…recently we had an issue that our customers receive Order Note emails without notes implemented. Actually, instead of notes there were shown just two words: “lorem ipsum”? A…

Woocommerce Cart Icon With Count

Dec 13 2016

Use this snippet to add a WooCommerce cart icon with the cart count to your theme. The number of items will be updated automatically with AJAX as items are added…

WooCommerce snippets in custom theme development

Oct 03 2016

WooCommerce snippets in custom theme development Here is the list of woocommerce snippets that you may find useful during WordPress theme development:  

Remove the responsive image support in WordPress 4.4

Feb 25 2016

After updating to 4.4. many of us have a problem with the new srcset attribute. The simplest and cleanest way to remove the responsive image support is simply to add…

WordPress: Check if there are previous posts before displaying link

Nov 22 2015

Here is an if() statement that could checks if there are any previous or next posts, and only prints it out if there are:   <?php if (get_next_post_link() && get_previous_post_link())…

jQuery social share links

Nov 22 2015

A code snippet for share links for Facebook, Twitter and Google+   First, you have to create a Facebook App in order to make Facebook share link work here:…

Add class to WP next and previous post link

Nov 22 2015

Pretty basic question… next_post_link() displays a link to the next post. It’s first paramter allows you to wrap the link in markup, like this: next_post_link(‘%link’); But how do I actually…

Analytics spam : “to use this feature visit:”

Aug 04 2015

If you regularly use GA event-tracking, sometimes you can find an unknown category in the event-category report : to use this feature visit: EVENT-TRACKING.COM You may have concern about website security,…

Remove item from Dashboard menu

Jun 24 2015

WordPress Admin Area Customization You can use this snippet to remove the item from WordPress admin dashboard…just replace file URL to match your case: function remove_acf_menu() {         remove_menu_page(‘edit.php?post_type=acf’);…